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Tuition and Financial Aid

Learn about Tuition & Financial Aid—and why
your mg娱乐网十大网址 degree is a smart investment.

Discover the value of a nonprofit university

Keeping tuition rates low is just the beginning. At Southern New Hampshire University, mg摆脱网站致力于帮助你了解所有你可以从你的教育中获得更多的方法——用更少的钱.




Transferring to mg娱乐网十大网址? Let’s get started.

mg摆脱网站将帮助你最大限度地发挥你所做工作的价值——这将为你在攻读学位的道路上节省时间和金钱. Learn more about transferring credits 到mg娱乐网十大网址或使用mg摆脱网站的净价格计算器,看看您可以节省多少钱.

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What mg娱乐网十大网址 Students are Saying

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Estimate Your Costs Through mg娱乐网十大网址’s Net Price Calculator

为了更好地了解您的教育成本,mg娱乐网十大网址为您提供了一个 Net Price Calculator, 这是一个工具,可以帮助您估计经济援助的资格和就读mg娱乐网十大网址的年度总费用.

Of course, 了解你的出勤费用的最好方法是与mg摆脱网站的学生金融服务团队的成员交谈. 他们会引导你完成整个过程,回答你可能有的任何问题.

Our SFS counselors keep your finances in mind. If you need to use loans to finance your education, our team can coach you on best practices for borrowing.

Here's what you need to know before starting:

  • 这将花费你5-15分钟的时间(对研究生来说时间更短)
  • Documents and information you'll want to have on hand include:
    • 你最近的联邦纳税申报单(或者——如果你是受赡养的学生——你父母最近的联邦纳税申报单)
    • 你或你的家庭可能收到的任何未纳税收入的记录
    • Your current bank statements and investment records, or a good estimate of your assets (for financial aid purposes, your assets do not include your home)
    • 如果有的话,估计有多少学分可以转入mg娱乐网十大网址
  • When you've completed all the fields, 你可以选择让招生顾问通过输入你的联系信息与你取得联系. (This is optional.)
  • You can also choose to have the results emailed to you. But you don't need to enter your email address to get your results; they will still be made available to you at the end of the survey.

请记住,当你比较大学的成本时,每个机构可能会计算你的投资不同. 一些可能会给你一个年度成本,而另一些可能会按期限分解.

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